A downloadable 2 Player for Windows and macOS

This is my final project for my GD 105 class. In this game you are a spider trying to get to the train. This is a two player game where one player is a Metallic Tarantula and the other is a NYC Taxi that is trying to kill the Tarantula.

In this game my idea was a Tarantula that was late for a train and to be late i had to have an obstacle thats where i had the idea of a second player to act as the obstacle.

This is a quick/fast paced 2 player game.

The Tarantula is trying to get past the taxi cab not trying to get squished.

The Tarantula is controlled with the WASD Keys.

The Taxi Is controlled with the J and L Keys.


Morning_Rush!.windows32.zip 5 MB
Morning_Rush.windows64.zip 5 MB

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